Effective Bait?

“Our seedlings are making an appearance… Soon they will be ready to transplant—after that, we plan to plant our plots in the orchard to tempt and observe the mice palates…” – Darilyn Hackett (3-5) Teacher

Bob Calvert Visit – January 23rd

Our presenter was Bob Calvert, who works for Wilbur Elis.  Bob contracts with Broetje Orchards to prescribe insect control as well as fertilizer for the trees.  Interestingly enough he also does some work with controlling the mice. In our class he went over the two types of life cycles of insects with us; simple and…


On Friday, January 6th both classes engaged in further research.  The 3-5 class explored different plants that could be used to “lure” the mice away from the roots of the apple trees.  The K-2 continued to explore the insects and animals out in the orchard and what affect they have on the ecosystem.

Life in the Orchard

The K-2 class continues to learn about what is alive in the orchard.  Why are these insects, etc. necessary for a healthy orchard?  The hope is that in the next couple of months we can try some ideas coming out of the 3-5 class to curb the mice population.  Those students will not only need…

Mice Trap

On November 30th, a student-designed mouse trap was set in the organic orchard.  If all goes well, the students will be setting more of these traps out in the orchard to gauge effectiveness.

Students take over blog

Hi this is Camila.  My friend Sherlyn and I will be adding the blog posts from now on. We are both in 3rd grade at NELA.

How many babies?

Today Friday November 4, 2016 we talked about the life cycle of a mouse. We did a review of last Friday’s lesson about mice, by creating a bubble chart to show everything we now know about mice.  Then we talked about the life cycle of a mouse.  Mice start as pups grow to adolescence and…

New iPads

Each orchard team received an iPad to help document their project work.  There first assignment to get acquainted with their device was to use iMove to put a movie trailer together of the project work they have done thus far.  Teacher Darilyn Hackett reflects on the activity: We chose to expand our morning video activity…

September 21 Overview

Friday we watched a short video that a teacher created to document his class’s field trip to an apple orchard. After the video we talked about what key elements were included in making that video.  The students noticed how the teacher used pictures and videos of the trip.  They identified pieces such as pictures of…

Mice in the classroom

On September 16 we introduced 2 fancy mice into the 3-5 classroom.  The students decided on the names Batman and Maya.  The hope is that students will study them and learn behaviors.   That knowledge may help them in coming up with solutions for the orchard mice problem.

Entry Activity

On September 2, all students went out to the orchard to get acquainted with where we would be doing our field work and to use their 5 senses to formulate questions.